Open Design

collaborating in an Open Design project is an opportunity for businesses to develop a  new kind of product that generate creativity and free expression with ever expanding variations and transformations. Whether a single product or series, an Open Design creates an inclusive community that thrives on exchanging ideas and knowledge.

My expertise in many aspects of Open Design and Industrial Design would push a project to its full creative potential and benefit the collaborators with new insights, brand presence, fresh business experience and exiting products.  



Italic Shelf in white finish by

Italic Shelf in white finish by

Design Education

Open Design- Products in a Networked Culture. 
An Industrial Design Education Program.

Open Design offers an alternative to traditional industrial design education. student create in an unbiased creative scenario, where ideas can be freely expressed, and production, in small or large numbers, is a key outcome of the design process. Openly sharing ideas, problem solving and idea development among the course students, creates a sense of community, a social code of conduct that is similar in many ways to Open Culture practices. The Open Design program is aimed both at web publication and CNC production.

Semester course, workshop or lecture are available, all held in English.

Your Design - Your Way, a Design Master Workshop

This workshop aims to elaborate authentic expression by introducing a design process based on storytelling. Guided sessions set a creative environment for generating ideas and concepts, understanding their potential, and developing them into objects that reflect your character and unique way of expression. The workshop is not about the technical or production aspects of fabrication, it is a learning experience where your opinions, skills and creativity are the focus.

Hunter- Gatherer- Designer

A workshop that focuses on improvisation and spontaneity. An act first approach leads to insights and fresh ideas that are implemented, with a design process, into objects or product directions. 

Halle Art School Open Design Course, 2012

Creative Consultant

Creative Acceleration

Intended for companies and startups and for producers of any kind, as session leader or a participant, creative acceleration explores paths that lead to fresh approaches in products and services. Open and guided dialogue with a companies’ team sets a creative environment for generating ideas and concepts, and understanding their potential.

It is a team learning experience where a participant’s qualities, skills, creativity and energy drive a result oriented creative process. The ideas and insights are then summarized into a concept guide for understanding directions and possibilities, and refining a project’s brief with new directions and creative clarity.

Together with Rob Van Kranenburg, founder of #IOT Council and ecosystem curator for large EU projects I'm also running an Internet of Things themed Creative Acceleration workshop. Please see PDF.





Open Design: Products in a networked culture

A revolution in product development, production and distribution is imminent due to the Internet’s disruptive nature and the easy access to CNC machines. Open Design is a proposal to make this happen. It’s aim is to shift Industrial Design to become relevant in a globally networked information society.

The presentation introduces some of my Open Design work, its context, essentials and insights expressed through this new design method. It describes some realizations about industrial design and its relations to the Internet revolution, creativity, education and consumerism.

Ronen Kadushin Presentation